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The Inflexion™ Head Frame

ClearPoint Neuro is excited to announce the launch of the Inflexion Head Frame for customers in the U.S. and EU. The Inflexion Head Frame is designed for use as a device clamp to hold the patient’s head in a particular position for procedures requiring magnetic resonance imaging of the brain structure and targets. Inflexion is also classified as a head fixation frame (HFF) designed for versatile pinning within the diagnostic-only and intraoperative MRI environment. This device can be used for any of the neurosurgery procedures that are currently empowered by the ClearPoint Neuro Navigation System.

Inflexion allows more efficient and safer workflows as it is designed for the MRI environment and is capable of rotation, height adjustment, and flexion/extension while the patient is fixed to the MR table – yielding better accuracy. It allows for better patient positioning within an IMRIS magnet for optimal, distortion-free imaging. The head frame fits most Siemens, Phillips, GE, and IMRIS scanners.

The Inflexion Head Frame is fixed at 4 to 8 points in four locations in the “Z” direction. There is a maximum of 6 pending posts and 13 post-positions when the optional upper ring is installed. Additionally, there are short, medium, long, and extra-long fixation screws that are included with the head frame. Patients may be positioned prone, supine, or lateral with full 360⁰ rotation. The optional upper head fixation rings allows for traditional halo-like head immobilization. It also has flexible positioning with +/-19 degrees in flexion and extension.

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