Drug Infusion Catheters

Effective drug delivery to structures in the brain, such as tumors, has posed a great challenge to medical science. Due to the blood brain barrier’s (BBB) ability to render ineffective most generalized delivery of pharmaceuticals, many attempts to treat brain diseases with drugs have failed to realize their full potential. Another problem with more generalized distribution is the exposure of healthy brain tissue to toxic chemicals meant only for a specific target.

Convection-enhanced delivery (CED) seeks to bypass the BBB by delivering the medicine directly to the target structure, such as a brain tumor or otherwise damaged brain cells, without exposing healthy areas of the brain to the drug.

                                                MRI-Guided Drug Delivery
MRI-guided Drug Delivery

Our ClearPoint system offers several benefits for a CED procedure:    

Direct Visualization  The ClearPoint system enables the surgeon to see the target, the placement of the catheter, and the drug as it is infused, all in real time under direct MRI-guidance.

Direct Guidance  The ClearPoint system guides the surgeon to find the desired trajectory and then assists in making incremental adjustments to match the suggested angle for the target.

Accuracy and Precision  The ClearPoint system enables real-time visualization, allowing surgeons to confirm catheter placement and monitor administration of the drug in real time.

Multiple Trajectories  The real-time visual guidance enabled by the ClearPoint system allows surgeons to target multiple locations and to achieve multiple angles of delivery within a single procedure.

Drug Delivery Clinical Trials

The ClearPoint System is currently involved as the neuro navigation platform in six clinical trials studying the administration of therapeutic agents in the brain, two for Parkinson's disease and four for brain tumors.