Laser Ablation Catheters

Laser ablation is the targeted, therapeutic destruction of diseased or unwanted tissue using a laser probe. The therapy has been used to ablate tumors and epileptogenic foci. 

Our ClearPoint system provides guidance for the placement and operation of instruments or devices during the planning and operation of neurological procedures within the MRI environment.  This makes it an ideal delivery platform to place laser ablation devices at precisely targeted areas in the brain. Using the ClearPoint system to deliver laser ablation therapy, the surgeon sees and selects the desired neurological target, aims the SmartFrame trajectory device, and watches under real-time MRI guidance as the laser probe is advanced through the SmartFrame to the target. Energy is then delivered to the target area through the laser probe, which destroys the unwanted tissue. Because the procedure is performed within the MRI environment, the surgeon is able to monitor brain tissue temperature throughout the procedure, and to verify that the targeted tissue has been destroyed. 

Focal laser ablation in action  

Note: MR Thermometry is an MRI-based functionality available on most MR scanner platforms and it is a feature built into products from several third party vendors.  The ClearPoint system enables MRI-guided procedures and allows physicians to use this inherent MR capability during a procedure.