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Introducing the New 5 & 7 French Peel-Away Sheath Kits

ClearPoint Neuro has received FDA clearance and is now launching the 5 and 7 French Peel-Away Sheath Kits. These kits allow the user to insert 5F or 7F devices to a pre-confirmed target in a single pass. The two new Peel-Away Sheath Kit sizes are made of the same materials and design as our original Accessory Kit, and have the identical intended use. Dr. Richardson of Massachusetts General Hospital shared his thoughts after evaluating the 5F Peel-Away Sheath Kit:

“I’ve used the new Peel-Away Sheath to help guide a laser catheter and am very happy that we now have this extra degree of confidence that catheter placement will be just as accurate as DBS placement. It’s especially helpful if a hippocampal trajectory requires going through the ventricle.”

Mark Richardson, MD, PhD
Director, Functional Neurosurgery
Massachusetts General Hospital

Dr. Grewal of Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville highlighted some key benefits after evaluating the new 7F Peel-Away Sheath Kit:

“This new larger Stylet and Sheath Delivery System is very helpful for those cases where you’re worried about deflection, traversing near ventricles, or facing a steep trajectory. The stiffness provides a lot of confidence, and it is reassuring knowing that you don’t give up your track once you get to target. It’s just one pass.”

Sanjeet S. Grewal, MD
Mayo Clinic, Jacksonville

If you would like to learn more about the 5 and 7 French Peel-Away Sheath Kit Systems, please contact us at:

Phone: +1 (949) 900-6833